Tom's abilities behind the lens have
earned him numerous awards, and a
long professional career in the
multimedia communications field.

He feels very strongly that the
photograph or video isn’t finished after
the image is captured…we are
passionate about post production.  

What is post production?  Adjusting light
and tones,
cleaning up blemishes, removing
unwanted wrinkles
in clothing, improving natural
surroundings and
adding artistic features to photo.
Stephanie is the CEO of the company, the spreadsheet guru and scheduler, she edits photos and is the master of custom
invitations, announcements and kid wrangling on photo shoots …if it wasn’t for her the company wouldn’t operate.  

Most of your LakeHaus experience will be under the care of Stephanie.  You will have her number memorized!  Steph has a knack of
helping customers choose photographs, appropriate sizes, formats, post production elements and finishes to make your picture the
perfect work of art for you home.  

We know you can go other places to have your pictures taken, but
we believe if you compare our creativity, products, price point and post-production to other studios in the area you will agree we
stand alone.

You can contact us at:   605-941-1012

We are located on the 2nd floor of the Mason Building in Huron.  
Directly across from the Post Office and we also shoot around our home located on beautiful Lake Byron, S.D.
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LakeHaus Productions
31 4th Street #212 Huron, SD  57350